• Laboratories

    All round education provided in campus to enrich technology aided analytical capabilities of students .
    We have various labs for subjects in Computer ,ICT,Science and Maths.
    Smart classrooms make students smarter!

  • Extra Curriculum

    We believe in a 'complete school life' philosophy.
    The campus is filled with life year-round through numerous exhibitions,literary and cultural programmes, study and fun trips, physical education trainings ,and club activities as structured in Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation programme by CBSE.
    An affiliated madrassa education is also provided to the interested students.

  • Infrastructure

    Comfort eases education.We have well-lit, well-ventilated ,and fully furnished rooms and amenities.
    School transport vehicles are the best networked in the area with routes through interior villages , year round.
    Separate prayer rooms for both genders are available.
    We have an oustandingly treasured library with thousands of valuable and intriguing authentic books and journals for students and staff.